18 July 2018

Who Praises the Seed?

File:Sunflowers field (Unsplash).jpg

Who praises the sunflower
when its seeds hide underground?
Who praises scenic artists
when actors take their bows?

How easy to overlook
the greatness in creation
if neither heroism
nor fame provide elation.

Myths, legends and folk tales grow
to make the invisible
visible, to laud the One(s)
we see as original.

Time then to tell stories of
hidden witness and cycles,
of workers and protestors,
of ones who face tough trials.

Those who show up have greatness
as much as yearly seasons,
those healing and those cooking,
those standing up as beacons.

Let’s see the squash in the seeds
as we plant four per hill, see
the artistic products
in our creative ideas.

 For my prompt Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Greatness

My blog poems are rough drafts. 
Please respect my copyright. 

© 2018 Susan L. Chast


Old Egg said...

Sadly so many of us do not appreciate the wonder, the beauty and the greatness of the wonderful Earth that is our home. We have a responsibility to keep and maintain it for future generations. I wish more would realize this for our future does not rely on hate and wars and the destruction of the environment and each other.

Sumana Roy said...

We often ignore or overlook beacons in stead of recognizing. Sigh. This is a beautiful poem. Specially love the 'Myth, legends, folk tales...' line.

Therisa's World said...

Susan, your poem is so right that we overlook the people in the background, make everything possible. Just once, may they step forth, and take the bow.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So much greatness, often unnoticed, all around us, and behind the scenes. What a cool thing to remember.

Gillena Cox said...

Thank for dropping by my blog today Susan.
Been fiddling with my post at my blog today even though I posted the link early. Editing for image a few words and even the prompt link. Finally I got it all together
You might want to revisit after this note

much love...

Panchali said...

Thank You, Susan for that Reminder & this beautiful poem! :)

Kim M. Russell said...

These are true words, Susan:
'How easy to overlook
the greatness in creation'
'Those who show up have greatness
as much as yearly seasons,
those healing and those cooking,
those standing up as beacons'.

Khaya Ronkainen said...

Greatness in creation! Love your take on the theme; reminding us of how great creation is.

rallentanda said...

Here's to the cooks and healers....and all the unacknowledged greats who drift quietly through life unnoticed.Good poem.