09 October 2019

Everyday Prayer

File:Young Woman Contemplating by Karin Jonzen.jpg

Young Woman Contemplating by Karin Jonzen

Waking and getting out of bed
With knee lifts and clam shells
However we get out of bed
Day in and day out

Setting up and taking down chairs
Washing dishes
Shopping  Cooking  Sweeping
Washing dishes again

Backing out of driveways
Joining the commute to work
In daylight, in dawn, in dark
Watching the sun rise

Pausing to take photos
Stepping off roads onto paths
Aching in feet, knees and calves
But walking to hear the song

Taking in air, picking up pens
Paper  Notebooks  Cellphones
Books   Leafs   Trash
Washing our hands

For Sumana's Prompt 

My blog poems are rough drafts.
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© 2019 Susan L. Chast


Cressida de Nova said...

Yes we do all of those things. You make these rituals sound great:)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Perfect. I especially resonate with the aching legs, "but walking to hear the song." Yes. I hobble on.

Kim M. Russell said...

I like the way you evoke the mundane nature of everyday living with the repetitive structure of the poem, Susan, and the use of the continuous verb form – it seems to be never-ending!

tonispencer said...

I like this poem of everyday rituals. Although I am not sure what clam shells are except as housing for the animal.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Have you, by any chance, read Brother Lawrence's "The Practice of the Presence of God"? The kitchen was his prayer book and his prayer.

Old Egg said...

My! You get a lot of exercise you must be fit. Being retired I just look at those things that need doing and just say "Nah" that can wait.

Margaret said...

This routine is sing-song as you describe it.

Jae Rose said...

I love the sense of contentment in this poem - small gifts that carry us through every day

Vivian Zems said...

Sigh, my life on a hamster wheel. Cool write 😊

Rob Jackson said...

everyday... the same actions.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


This is quite simply, everyday living. Sometimes it's what we might consider to be the mundane, that keeps our lives on track...
Love making time for notebooks...most important!

Jeannette, said...

I love this...you seem to enjoy your daily routine.

Frank J. Tassone said...

I experienced the same sense of monotony. It all happens again and again. But I love the mystic feel of the way you present these routines. Wonderful work!