24 February 2020

While I Sleep

File:Night & Sleep.jpg
Night and Sleep by Mary Evelyn Pickering (1878)

O, Morpheus, bring me a dream
and Hypnos, bring me forgetfulness
while I sleep
let the world turn backwards
so I wake with dinosaurs,
fly through fruit trees,
keep seeds safe from asteroids,
and watch them grow
through hundreds of millennia.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE that dream! The whole shebang could do it all again, hopefully sustainably, with wisdom and justice.

Brendan said...

Thanks so for celebrating dreamtime, where time is an ocean without depth or breadth. There's a certain amniotic trust in dreamtime that all is and will be well--dunno where that security comes from, but it is a balm of the dream. Love dream-poems, too, where the language must point into unknowable rooms ...

hedgewitch said...

A flight of fancy in a web of dream. Superlative poetry here, Susan, and my favorite also, if only for its dream feeling of fragile peace.

brudberg said...

The dream of the future might be the genetic bank of seeds on Svalbard...


Gillena Cox said...

The wish of the dream is beautiful