12 April 2020

Be a Sleeping Beauty

Prompt from 

Why select the crown of thorns out of all possible crowns?
Here is one made of gold, one of glitter, and one of gems.

You could choose an easy life, but you crawl along the grounds
in fields, forests and city streets to consort with unknowns.

They will attach to you, not just rabbits but dogs with fleas
and people of great need: poverty, hunger, and disease.

You say your eyes are open, but you are careless, too free
with money. I don't want to see you break from empathy.

Not looking is an option, too. Please leave the thorns for men.
Be still.  Sit down.  Curl up in an easy chair.  Wait for them.

For International Poetry Month Day #11.

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Carrie Van Horn said...

Wise message in this lovely poem Susan! So many women try to take care of everyone but forget that to be a true help to others they must also take care of their self. I have seen so many households where both work but the wife still takes care of the house. So many women are in real need of a true break!!

Susie Clevenger said...

Yes, rest and rejuvenate.... It is the time for women to rise and rule.

qbit said...

Very interesting, weaves like a crown of thistles, if not thorns. Great opening lines. And yet you don't want to see a break from empathy, even though you don't want the "you" dragging down through humanity. I feel like there is a lot of respect, why choose an easy life? People in great need. An invitation to curl up in the easy chair, knowing that the invitation will not be accepted.

Susan said...

Thank you everyone! Qbit, you are right, she teaches the speaker rather than the other way around. I may have to make that clearer somehow. I need a line maybe to a child, saying wait a bit before you pick up the cross.

Susan said...

Or maybe a dialogue. I thought "Leave it for men" would work, but maybe she needs to laugh and say no!

indybev said...

An evocative poem, speaking for that perfect balance women are ever seeking between the role of superwoman and princess!

Fireblossom said...

More marvelous writing from you, Susan.

Helen said...

Your sleeping beauty is a champion, a savior, a true hero. A complex write ~~ I enjoyed it.

purplepeninportland.com said...

Unique take on this image. Balance is so difficult to achieve.