04 April 2020

Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine

brooke anderson's daily quarantine questions
Created by Brooke Anderson

Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine: If you’re sheltering in place, be sure to check in with yourself.  
(linked from Greater Good Magazine)

Here's another post that's not a poem,
just a truth to work and thrive with.
How can queries be truths?  
Questions may be the only truths--
unless they are rhetorical ones.
Or rather, questions can be the most useful truths
if we can only remember to ask them honestly and openly.

I'm remembering to be open to your answers
and your questions.

My blog poems are rough drafts.
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Thotpurge said...

It's funny how the things I thought would be hard were the easiest to adapt to and the things I never thought about are now closing in - if not anything else, one silver lining is how much the lockdown is teaching us about ourselves. What did I learn about myself today!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

These are good questions. The one I am missing is getting outdoors. I have been too-much-in for so long I am getting loathe to go out. But I have my big glass sliding door open for fresh air, and the trees across from my balcony - and the wee birds - are keeping me company.