16 June 2020

An Indoor Song for Mother Earth



Yesterday, rose bushes called to me, and I picked

up lopping shears to trim their growth.  Surprisingly,

the thorns didn’t prick my skin when I gathered the cut

branches to mulch them.

The red rose bush trimmed, I turned to the yellow climber

and relieved her of her dead weight, removed the bind

weed that strangled her, and watched her lift new buds to

the sky.  One bud sits here.

In my tower with open windows, I enjoy her scent.

I shortened her life when I took her in for me

alone—into my short tower, into my small

home.  Yet, she helps me sing.

Thank you, Mother earth, for this ground, this joy, this grace

as I, imperfect, harm you a little less than before, as I try

to share you with those who have no gardens.  Please take these

tiny notes as true.  I love you.

My blog poems are rough drafts.
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     © 2020 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This poem could not be sweeter. The rose that helps you sing........"Please take these tiny notes as true." Beautiful. So happy to read it this afternoon, my friend.

Myrna R. said...

I love your song of gratitude to Mother. I sometimes cut a rose while feeling that tinge of guilt for wanting to enjoy her all to myself inside, selfishly though grateful that I can steal her beauty. I think/hope Mother understands my human frailty as I try to understand her magnificence.

Kerfe said...

This makes me think of my mother's rose garden--so much love, both given and taken away.

Brendan said...

Tiny notes are the closest we can get to true - one flower, indoors, apart from the wide wild garden, as totem, familiar and muse. What better love song than that recognition? - Brendan

hedgewitch said...

You give the roses new life with your care, and they return the compliment. I can feel the love in this song.

Truedessa said...

The small rose that helps you sing, sometimes we need that tiny note to keep us in harmony.

Kim M. Russell said...

A sweet love song to Mother Earth indeed, which reminds me of my grandfather’s garden – he was so proud of his roses.