11 April 2012

The Quotidian

The sun rises and the sun sets
Day after day in steady pace.
Before twilight, payday is over,
And returning home, moving in prayer
The worker cooks supper, cleans it up,
Feeds the kitty and walks the pup.

During the night, visions arise
Joining day’s tasks with the sounds outside:
The owl hoots or the sirens scream
Deep sleep restores beyond the dream
And the sun rises, the sun sets.

In the morning, the worker begins again
Washing, cooking, setting up, taking down
And when joys and sorrows come around
The quotidian is the re-starting place,
The heritage and cultural grace.
The sun rises and sets and rises again.

While writing this I was listening to Call's Let the Day Begin.  It was early spring and I was adjusting to leaving my job.  I was in love with life and letting the rhythms  of the Great Tree of Romanticism flow through me.  Today, I am posting "The Quotidian" at Poets United "Poetry Pantry - #111."

  Copyright © 2012 S.L.Chast


Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Loved this Susan!

Mary said...

I am sorry, but my mind draws a blank with the word 'quotidian,' so i think I am missing the key to understanding this poem. I read 'payday is over' to mean your working years are over...but as time goes on you realize work (maybe of a different kind, or maybe some of the same) still goes on. I think I'd understand more if I understood that one word.

Susan said...

Hit the Kathleen Norris link above. It will take you to her lecture called "The Quotidian Mysteries." Enjoy!

Mary said...

Thank you..

Anonymous said...

I love the repeating "sun". Lovely

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Incredibly beautiful, lilting and resonant with the love of life. Loved this.

Matthew John Davies said...

I like the pedestrian nature (hard for some to find) of this.


Anonymous said...

the sun rises and the sun sets and, if we're lucky, it rises again {or rather we do.} on first reading, i took your words as laced with sorrow ~ after listening to "Let the Day Begin" i felt a sense of optimism and security in knowing that the sun will always rise again.

enjoyed this in both readings.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like both the subject matter and the expression of it.

Susan said...

Thank you for this lovely comment!