28 June 2013


Rooster Harbinger of Dawn, Chinese paper-cut

Woke with the inching minutes, half hours
Between digital turns:  six. o. three.  six
o. four.  most mysterious of dream times
of where-do-we-go times, of planning poem
timeslost to memory no matter how
fast I lurch to journal or computer
or to the dew of dawn with scents of night—

so I microwave yes-today’s coffee,
scrape away its cat food to start anew
telling true stories of the ones escaped
(not lost but un-containable) this day
I blink but sit down anyway to force
words forth like toothpaste at the very end
of tubes right where they do not bend

Posted for at Poets United Poetry Pantry #156.

Copyright © 2013 S.L.Chast


Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm with you on this. The forcing of words out like toothpaste is really getting to me. I think it's time for a break. Enjoy your sunny Sunday.

Brian Miller said...

yes-todays coffee...ha...some fun word play in this susan...my body wakes by 6 every morning...and each day i force words like toothpaste for sure...even on days i dont feel it..a morning discipline as much as vacating...or maybe the same...ha

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

I too know this--especially now for me--and I loved forcing words out like toothpaste--I need a vacation!

Mary said...

Ha, it seems your poem has resonated with a few. I have mixed feelings. Some days if I would not force words out, there would be no words. I guess I would rather have the words to go through later and decide 'keep' or 'toss.' I loved 'yes-today's coffee.' (Ha, but I usually toss my old stuff!)

Abin Chakraborty said...

absolutely wonderful.such an authentic riveting voice with such brilliant wordplay and imagery.this was by far, the best read of the day.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Grinned at yes-today's coffee and the old cat food........oh that tube of toothpaste right where it does not bend. Some great wordplay here and so enjoyable to read.

Jacqueline Howett said...

I loved this!

most mysterious of dream times
of where-do-we-go times, of planning poemtimes—lost to memory no matter howfast I lurch to journal or computer

So many great lines!

WabiSabi said...

What a fun read, this gave me such a lift today! And I can relate to it especially the early morning reveille and the poems that get away somewhere between the bed and the notepad!! Good one Susan!Tanka Whirl

LaTonya Baldwin said...

Oh, I get this.