02 July 2014

Just Be, take two

 24-hour watch for polar expeditions, from 1969, made by Soviet watchmaker Raketa.
Polar nights or days make it necessary to use a 24-hour scale instead of 12.

At six months past, New Year’s resolutions
remain less than halfway to completeness.

Like its cousin the clock, a year needs an
extra twelve to count down an addiction.
Give me a couple of years—that’ll do  
I’ll take two, two more on this take two, too.

What should we name the twelve extra months? Stop.
Side trips and procrastination won’t work
you say, shutting the door in the faces
of those I alternately feed and starve
while pages wait on me to use or discard.

I want, I want so much to be—(I want
to be a published writer)  but, I say
Writing isn't enough, self-publishing
neither.  The lottery ticket in my
pocket waits for a nod.  You understand?
I am a chameleon, a strange beauty
unmasked, yet a trained academic and
still in formality’s controlling hand.

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


Brian Miller said...

nice...really like those last 3 lines...

its good to have goals...we have to be careful they dont consume us...or overshadow our identity.
so what would being published validate for you? just be careful, so many publish and then
that is the last you hear of or from them...

Mary said...

Susan, I do wish you well with your goal to publish. It seems you do not want to self publish, but I wonder in today's poetry world if there is any other answer. I wish I believed that lottery tickets would hold the winning combination. I wish. I wish. I wish. We all need to find a way to be heard....and seen.

Gabriella said...

When I was a child I wanted to be a famous author. Now I write. All the best with your goal, Susan! I admire your persistence and determination.

Grace said...

Susan, I wish you well in your writing and publishing goals ~ There is still time and its only that puts a deadline ~ I like that imagery of a lottery ticket, if only, if only ~ But writing for the sake of writing keeps you going ~ Take care and have a good week ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

What an intriguing write. I especially love "I’ll take two, two more on this take two, too." If I had 24 months in one year, I might eventually finishing archiving and could write something else! Susan, self-publishing rocks. When my book arrives and I hold it in my hand and add it to the shelf, it is SO SATISFYING!

kaykuala said...

Writing is a great start! Self publishing can be a realistic goal. Go for it Susan! Your talents are enormous and not to be restricted certainly! Great write!


Gen Giggles said...

I enjoyed it. The desire and the barriers hidden by our schooling to those desires that are always there is something I know.

Sumana Roy said...

wish you all the best Susan and i feel self publishing is worth the try...this is a very nice poem and i specially like the image of the cousin clock....

paperdollmom said...

"while pages wait on me to use or discard." I love that line. Nicely written.

Arathi Harihar said...

loved your closing lines..good luck to you :)

rallentanda said...

Yes self publishing is possible and within your reach. A lottery win...yes, I can relate to that wish...and I certainly would not be one of those people who say" it would't change a thing " I would change everything:) This is most likely not going to happen to either of us.(Sigh)

PT said...

I am a chameleon, a strange beauty
unmasked, yet a trained academic

Very well captured the intriguing thoughts!

Jae Rose said...

It takes a lot of internal bargaining to 'just be'.. knowing what you want is the start of everything though..when you lose sight of that it's very hard to rebuild..and time ticks on regardless

humbird said...

Yeah, to commit to writing every day - hard when so many others things on the mind...and the nature of chameleon to change depending on surroundings - feels as healthy nature skill - opposite would surprise me in person, the numbness to all the others sides of life....I guess we need to find the balance and build a priority...~ Best wishes, and I believe you publish the book, when time will be right. xx

Panchali said...

Beautiful poem, Susan...Yes, time ticks on. And Time will only give you the desires of your heart. I can see, you are close to getting published . Best of Luck.
"I am a chameleon, a strange beauty
unmasked, yet a trained academic .." - So true. I can relate to this~ Lovely..