09 July 2014

The Loose-E Key

I gave him the loose key of E with my old keyboard
wishing him as productive a use as I had with
both my antique computer and its damaged keyboard.

Should I have told him the magic of the loose-E key?
Surely he will follow it as I have, fitting it
to every locked door  it could possibly open.

E Major gave me Wagner leading to Haydn and
Bach—pun intended—to bells in London’s Clock Tower
once before Big Ben’s tuning—and on and on again.

E Flat gave me Beethoven in his Heroic time
and Strauss, Bruckner, Mozart and Mahler—brassy, sultry
and smooth—trombone’s favorite in symphony and blues.

Oh, I had rambling on my mind—the nineteen thirties’
blues tradition and the twenty teens alternative—
musical keys of E and ee-ee-ee of keys too

Shoes too big to wear and shoes too small, keys that fit no
locks at all, fingertip access and professional
golf, psychoanalysis too and video art

I gave him the loose-E key with possibility
of practical productivity and magical
connectivity, wishing him more than he foresees.

Posted for my prompt 

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ The Key

Using Google and Wikipedia for research, I alluded to Rambling On My Mind by ROBERT JOHNSON (1936) Delta Blues Guitar LegendIncubus' song - Make A Move, trombone soloist Aline Alcântara,  professional golfer Kathleen Ekey, and a vimeo by Maija Ekey.  Research and curiosity—gotta love 'em.

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


Jae Rose said...

Loose keys - musical or otherwise are a real gift...maybe they help the other person find what they need..figure things out...ways around...if everything fit there would be no 'work' to do in life

Mary said...

Enjoyed your take on keys, Susan. I think a loose E-key might really hamper making good music. The musician would have to be very versatile to work around that. Smiles. I do hope he gets more than he foresees.

Scarlet said...

I love the idea of loose E-key, that can open any doors & full of possibility & magic connectivity ~ More than just a key, a metaphor for new beginnings ~ Thank you for a wonderful challenge Susan ~

Brian Miller said...

smiles...nice...i think the first to go with the music key...which def can open the door to magic and an appreciation as well...i rather like G as well....perhaps he will receive beyond the scope of his vision...

Unknown said...

Oh..music is such bliss..and a loose E-key can do wonders often...
Thank you for a nice prompt Susan..:-)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

What a cool trip the key of E took you -and us - on. Loved this. Some great music in this poem!!

rallentanda said...

Liked the romp through the music. Never heard that trombone concerto before.Had no idea the key of E had magical properties.

Gen Giggles said...

I loved the musical voyage. I could hear some of the works in my head.

avalon said...

Oh dear...here I have to confess that your pun was too deep for me and I need an additional key to unlock it ;-)
Full marks for being able to run with that kind of key. I tried, and failed miserably.

Sumana Roy said...

love your key Susan...musical and magical.....

Nicholas said...

that loose E-key and the E-major with the mention of Bach and Mozart and all others makes this poem so magical and musical altogether!!!

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

lovely -what a musical poem-one could hear the great concertos and the waltzes and the -e note tunes-beautiful poetic composition

Arathi Harihar said...

musical keys..loved your poem susan:)

PT said...

yes....there may be Keys that fit no locks at all...but not yours
I think your key comes after a perfect lock

kaykuala said...

A magic key tempered with lots of musical scores can be most intriguing Susan. Great take!


Jennifer Wagner said...

I especially like those final 2 stanzas Susan!