02 December 2015

Con brio (with energy)

When making an entrance
A walk is never just a walk
Good Morning” is an attitude
To energize the day
To spin air into fuel

Shoveling coal in the boiler
Used to pull each car along
Train tracks.  Birds still wake up
To fetch early worms and
To spin air into sound

Woodwinds vibrate and brass
Bursts through con brio
To syncopate the time
To engage us in work and play
To spin air into sound

Love inhaled and exhaled
Passion of curiosity
Curiosity of outcomes
Variations within sequence
Spin air into fuel

When trying something new
Committing to each step
Intending to follow through 
Energizes the day
Spins air into fuel

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is absolutely gorgeous :D no doubt our actions involved in intending to get through doing something new and exciting makes the air around us spin into fuel and revitalize our soul :D

Lots of love,

totomai said...

The first stanza is indeed true Susan. A simple Good Morning could make a difference not only to the people you said to but to yourself as well. We should always start the day in a positive note

I loved that love being inhaled and exhaled. Awesome line.

Jae Rose said...

Now there's a soundtrack to fill our souls and our steps...Good Morning is an attitude - my favourite line - reminds me of a kind lady i meet who says everything is ok - because she makes it so...she is right of course..but how hard the work to reach that point

Sumana Roy said...

love these words of élan vital...we just need the attitude to live a meaningful, positive life...great lines..

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Spinning air into fuel and sound......a unique perspective on energizing events. Very cool.

Gillena Cox said...

luv this; i could chant this as a daily mantra

[“Good Morning” is an attitude
To energize the day
To spin air into fuel]

much love...

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your last stanza is in itself, a poem of truth: getting up with intention to do something, telling oneself that nothing will keep one from doing lends a kind of resolve that turns into pure energy. ♥

Purba chakraborty said...

So true. If we are committed to our work, then the ambiance will be full of energy. Very inspiring :)

ScottlB said...

That first good morning continues to fuel the fire for a perfect day, gotta spread that joy.

Mary said...

Each stanza is energizing, Susan. I do agree that 'good morning' is an attitude....one that makes ourselves feel good as well as brightening up a room. And there is nothing more energizing that trying something new!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I love that whole concept of spinning air! I couldn't resist sneaking over here even before starting breakfast, so now I have Melba Liston's music to eat by – thanks!

Old Egg said...

It is always a jot to meet people with that fresh at the morning attitude even if you don't feel the same it gives you a nudge and tells you the world is the best place to be. Loved the music couldn't have chosen better.

Old Egg said...

p.s. the word 'jot' should be 'joy'!

Unknown said...

I love the day energized by a warm "good morning."
So perky Susan - thanks

tonispencer said...

"good" morning is indeed an attitude. I have a friend who will grunt "morning" because she says it takes her awhile to decide. Whether it is or isn't, I always say good morning to myself in the mirror and add the old "make it so, engage" from Star Trek. Wonderful poem - I need to copy the first stanza and tape on my bathroom mirror....Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Susan you have woven and encapsulated vitality with a whirlwind of energy - especially liked the contrast with the coal boiler momentum and natural con brio of hungry birds

Anonymous said...

Energetic indeed! Loved the last stanza. Thanks for the read!

Panchali said...

This gives a generally upbeat and truly optimistic outlook on life ...Thanks for the wonderful read, Susan!

Scarlet said...

Good morning is indeed an attitude ! Love this part too:

Spin air into fuel

Hope you are well Susan ~


rallentanda said...

Cool music. Gives a positive feel to the entire poem. Perky starting a new day music/poem.
Loved it !

Carol Campbell said...

This has a very positive and uplifting vibe! Beautiful!

Aditi said...

Loves this, Susan! It is the attitude towards life, the energy with which you take each step, that makes you a beautiful person.

Intelliblog said...

Hallelujah! I could hear the music and it was indeed vital and energetic, Susan!
Wonderful poem!