02 December 2015


Uderns - Skulptur Der kleine Prinz vor der Volksschule.jpg

I yearn for a kind of death
beyond what the Golden Gate
and Forest Deep can offer.

Beyond Shakespeare’s sly death, too,
this stop opens the school doors
that pretend to guard our lives.

Maybe the enclosure is
necessary to learning
our part in society,

But freedom to roam borders
of matter and spirit can
earn a higher truth

By lifting us from small selves
into vast relationship
and love of the universe.

I yearn for the kind of death
that opens the doors of per-
ception and of creation,

Invites participation
in particles and waves of
honest sur-reality

And challenges mindfulness
to life in full awareness
of unbound unknowable

Intention.  Listen: hearts beat.
Acorns crack and root and grow.
A star sends its breath to earth.

We turn with worlds and stand still
on our little planets as
if rulers of all we see.

I want to travel instead
like the Little Prince who is
tethered only to a rose.

Inspired by Totomai's Aokigahara, written for 

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast

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