16 April 2017

Until Limits Burst (Easter Sunday)

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You are full of learning, my friend,
you can absorb no more—that is,
to pull more in, your sides must give
or your seams must rupture—that is,
you stored and hoarded way beyond
capacity.  Without release,
first flaccidity, then rigor
mortis will set in.  And then—if
you’re lucky—your container will
relax into open channels
allowing knowledge flow to flush
away what is useless, restore
what is wise and ageless, and make
room for the new and evolving.

In short, my friend, rebirth is real
if we should choose the path of life.
Death is real, too, and we submit
when tired, defeated, completed,
or petrified into non-life.
But come with me to the sunrise
service and open your eyes to
what is possible if you choose
revolution, evolution,
resurrection—if you can choose
emptying and releasing, can
share in truth and power and love.
But if that is too many ANDS
for you, it is time to let go.


Walking alone
in the dark, scared
until freedom
sinks in, and then
over the hill,
the silhouette
of city, in
blue by Van Gogh,
just a brush stroke.
The lumps ahead
turn out to be
four people close
on a blanket
sitting, kneeling,
watching the sky
become lighter,
welcoming Light.
Blink, rest your eyes
for a second
and sunrise has
advanced so far
you stay alert
and your borders
open to know
God does not die
God lives deeper
than we ever go. 
When chill sets in
you stand to leave.
Three still lumps
in the distance
turn out to be
wild turkey who
let us join them.


God never tires of gratitude.
oh, words may be tiring, but deeds?
Trees say thank you by growing wide
and tall, by stretching out to touch,
by being available and
obedient.  You laugh and call
them “women” but I say you’re wrong—
they are obedient to God,
not to you or to men or to
power.  They are the truth of strength,
they live into their nature and
in that way they are women free
and men free, too, child free, you, me.
Laugh without cruelty if you can,
my friend.  God never tires of joy.

Posted at Poets United Poetry Pantry #349

(April is International Poetry Month.)

I started a 4th section that I lopped off because I thought it was too preachy:  


You may think if 
you’re white or male
or wealthy or 
physically fit
you are exempt 
from the Soul death
of greedy people.  
You are not. 
Beware the rust and 
crust of knowing all,
beware damming 
up the rivers
that were meant to 
flow free, beware
ego that blinds, 
beware the cells
of privilege 
that bind and stop
you from serving 
others, beware
the mental blocks
that prevent Grace.
You can choose 
to grow like a tree,
you can open 
the dam to let
the river flow.  
You can let go.

My blog poems are rough drafts.   
Please respect my copyright. 
© 2017 Susan L. Chast


Thotpurge said...

But if that is too many ANDS
for you, it is time to let go.... that packed a punch... like how you've described the process of reconfiguration and growth..letting go and taking in the new light.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

"God never tires of joy."

These are the words I will ponder for the rest of this Easter Day. They are enough---and more! They are Abundance. Thank you, Susan.

totomai said...

I loved the first one so much, Susan. It is a reflection of life, our limits as humans. We all need some release, rebirt is indeed the word. The first 3 parts seems interconnected, and the 4th one could be a separate poem.

Anonymous said...

a nest of verses here for Easter and especially love the third one
"Laugh without cruelty if you can,
my friend. God never tires of joy"

Superb Susan!

Sumana Roy said...

to learn to let go is so important in life to move on and give oneself a chance of rebirth...also Love your opening lines in the fourth section...a timely poem Susan...

indybev said...

Ah, "come with me to sunrise service" ... the story never grows old.

Mary said...

Wonderful Easter poem, Susan. So much to consider, but on Easter I think particularly about the reality of death and the reality of our rebirth on the other side of death. And for sure God never tires of gratitude, and this is definitely a day that we should praise God's name. My comments certainly do not do justice to your inspired writing!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This poem is a FEAST of truths. I especially love "God lives deeper than we ever go." A fantastic write, my friend. Love the final stanza as well. It belongs.

Myrna R. said...

Susan, you outdid yourself here. ALL of these are fantastic thoughts, truths, meditations. Thank you for sharing them. I can tell you were highly inspired (in spirit) when you wrote these.

Wendy Bourke said...

What a glorious homage to Easter ... with a lovely clarity, you have woven indelible themes into a soul restorative message of grace.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this gift. You were really inspired, and rightfully so. Today is a reminder of the hope all around us.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I am so glad you chose to share the 4th portion of this glorious poem, Susan!❤️ You can never be too preachy.. sigh especially like; "Laugh without cruelty if you can, my friend. God never tires of joy" and "You can choose to grow like a tree, you can open the dam to let the river flow. You can let go." Sigh.. beautifully penned!❤️

Cressida de Nova said...

The expression of sheer joy.

Old Egg said...

What beautiful strong uplifting poems Susan. Sadly in our world greed is far more important than love and blindness of the need of millions of others always less important than having weapons to kill.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Powerfully profound. (I like it better without the discarded section.)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully executed, intense, and personal to each reader. Filled with wisdom and spirit. Thank you,


Rommy said...

This is a beautiful modern hymn for the season. Your ardent faith shines through.