19 August 2012

Speaking Beauty 2

File:Walter Crane12.jpg

I exit with my keen intelligence restored
or is it restored because I am exiting?
or despite the exit—I mean—Could I stay?
And even—I am not asking for permission—
Should I stay?  Sleeping here, I was truly
absent.  And now, when I could be present
finally, I abdicate freely without bribe
or restitution of any kind!?  More Fool I. 

This is my house and I will stay.   I am no
Lear with daughters to test, bequests to plan,
and soldiers to lead in debauchery and
sloth.  It is not time for me to retire.  
Wake then!  Shake house from dungeon
to rooftops.  Open all doors to air what’s
hidden or dead from long misuse.  Charge
up the electric lights.  Eliminate shadows.

You see?  Already I am stronger, my color
is back and I feed on resolution until full.
I am drinking up your surprise at my failure
to leave or die, and I am getting drunk with
possibility.  I feel better than I have in a long
long time.  I will tell you all what “long” is—
adjective and verb.  Long is extended dreaming
full of desires which will no longer be deferred.

Posted 11/11/2012 for "Poetry Pantry # 123" at Poets United, this is a last-line poem from Speaking Beauty, inspired by Barbara.  The illustration is a woodcut  by Walter Crane (1845–1915), from Wikicommons.

 Copyright © 2012 S.L.Chast
Chosen for book 11/2013


Brian Miller said...

smiles....i like how the strength builds in this....each stanza the narratopr seems to find more voice and determination...love the little get at those that thought they would leave or fail as well...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I had to come back for a re-read and wow! powerfully spoken, and wickedly good!

Barbara @ The Healthy Nut said...

Nicely done. I'm so glad you were inspired to write another poem because of my comments on the last one. My muse is less vocal than yours, she whispers and I am so hard of hearing!!

Sreeja said...

coming to the last stanza it was on its full swing.....as sherry said really powerful........I loved the last lines of all the stanzas....

Anonymous said...

Very powerful! I love how the poem builds and builds until victory is won in the last stanza (my favorite). I look forward to reading more of your work!


Susan said...

Thanks Sreeja, I think the last line in each is about triumph.

Susan said...

Thank you Samara.

asteria's canvass said...

poems like these make me proud of my decision of joining poets united,
wonderful work dear.