07 December 2016

Day Dream During Flight

The sky that’s visible is brilliant blue
with a floor of cloud, so I know we climbed
though we don’t seem to be moving. Not now.

The window frame is the sole reference—
and so tiny it gives no perspective
of the vastness beyond.  Instead, it masks.

I tighten my seat belt, and imagine
there is 
no descent, no landing, no bumps
even no sundown anytime ahead.

The plane is crowded, but outside is
infinite opennessa heavenly
absence of walls, ceilings and closed doors.

I fight my eyes closing, and imagine
a super-powered rise above the harm
of grasping, greedy, pained humanity.

But it will be dark soon even up here.
I am tired.  Sleep and landing are both
certain.  If only I could stay this high on dreams. 

My blog poems are rough drafts.
Please respect my copyright.

© 2016 Susan L. Chast


  1. the floor of cloud, the silly window and being high on dreams... gorgeous!

  2. "there is no descent, no landing, no bumps / even no sundown in the time ahead."...only if we could frame it forever...such beautiful and gorgeous images...the floor of cloud, my favorite too...

  3. So beautiful. I adore looking down on clouds, it is like flying through heaven.

  4. "The window frame is the sole reference—
    so tiny it’s silly, no protection
    against the vastness it attempts to mask."...Yes, one feels so tiny indeed!!It inspires humbleness and humility at once.
    Beautiful poem...Susan. Thank you!

  5. My goodness! Such gorgeous use of imagery here, Susan!❤️ Kudos!!

  6. I've never looked at a flight quite like this before. Most of mine are cramped and uncomfortable! :)

  7. Thanks for an interesting prompt and the nudge towards 'Civil Aviation Day'

    Both our poems today carry similar motifs within the given theme

    A Happy Aviation day to you

    much love...

  8. The images are beautiful here. I love the last line. Wish we could stay that high awake (without drugs of course).

  9. I especially like the last two stanzas!

  10. You took me away to fly with you. Thank you

  11. Wow, I like your picture of flying.....so peaceful, calm, relaxing, dreamlike.
    If only it were always this relaxing!

  12. I must agree with the silly little window! However after flying to many places all over the world I still can't help feeling so grateful at journeys end that the flight is over.

  13. If only - yes that would be a good flight of fancy.. i love the photo also and admire your ability to fly with ease.. i always find if i think about those tiny windows and the thin layer of metal between the sky and the earth i turn pale.. sometimes it's best not to question flight..but just enjoy it

  14. Oh those windows so small! If only they were bigger. No walls no ceilings, you see a lot out there, chasing the sun around the world, if youre fast it will never set

  15. I love flying, Susan so your lovely poem resonated with me,..


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