31 August 2016

A Ghazal

Christina's Grand Cnayon

For my friend Christina      

My friend is hiking the Grand Canyon while I write.
She beats brain cancer and her record while I write.

Her eyes sparkle with mysteries she’s come to know
first hand: They change her face, her fate, her art. I write:

How well she makes and teaches something new each day:
a drawing, painting or photograph, while I write.

She sends her sons a piece of Canyon twice a day—
clay walls and gorge, sunrise and set she walks.  I write,

and pause to watch her progress on my Facebook walls
while spiders work around the porch on which I write.

One tiny spider launches, lands, attaches silk
and turns to leap again for home and food and right.

This moment nature thrives, and oh!  we are part of
its industry.  Spiders spin, she walks, and I write.

Posted for my prompt 

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Conquest

  My blog poems are rough drafts.
Please respect my copyright.
© 2016 Susan L. Chast 


  1. This is just inspirational stuff. Hope we all get strength to conquer like your friend :)

  2. Love what you've done with this poem..the struggle around you and the repetition of the phrase...creates something very powerful. Ghazal is one of my favourite forms...attempted it a few times, always a challenge to write.

  3. deeply touching and inspiring...a beautiful Ghazal Susan...

  4. Whatever is happening around us are all dear to our heart. They are relevant and endearing that merit a write-up to record and save for posterity. Certainly Susan!


  5. One of my new favourites of yours, my friend. I see your valiant friend making her bright journey through the canyon, see the small spider leaping for home, see you on your porch, me here.............. each making the journey we were born to make.

  6. It almost seems as if you are denigrating your writing. Are you? Oh, I hope not!

  7. Such a wonderful poem, with a real meaning, to conquest; your friend is an inspiration.

  8. This is so carefully crafted. I can't profess to understanding the form but there is a strength..quiet like a beautiful web - connecting you and your friend.. A respectful support and connection which feels very tender and present. Writing feels as important as climbing. A journey taken together in many ways perhaps..

  9. Oh Susan, this is soo beautiful ❤ its very heart stirring.. her struggle and her triumph ❤ Beautifully put.

    Lots of love,

  10. This is breath taking. Thank you

  11. you are both conquerors, the one ailing and walking as well the poet

    much love...

  12. My of my daughters went through something similar two years ago and how she too has grasped onto life with a firm grip and making the most of it. What an inspirational post this is.

  13. I have just read something by Frederick Forsyth that you might relate to...I know I do

    A writer lives half his life inside his own head..Behind his mask the writer is always watching, observing behaviour.He has an absolute need for extensive solitude and the permanent detachment from what Malraux called " the human condition" can explain why a writer can never really enter in...A writer must be a loner and thus always an outsider.

  14. What a beautiful way to express a long friendship. Excellent use of this tricky form. You are both conquerors.

  15. Breathtaking... Let life flow, let life flow; hope she picks shiny coins of sunshine!

  16. This is just incredibly beautiful, Susan!

  17. Susan what a beautiful write! Amazing!

  18. Conquest of a terrible illness is always a struggle, but it can be done, even if one dies of it after all. If we are not afraid to die, we are not afraid to live. Beautiful ghazal!


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