2015, at and other outlets. 
12" x  12" 48 pages at Shutterfly.


1)  The poem "Unfinished Melody" at Poetic Bloomings Daily ArchivesJune 9, 2012 as "Marie Elena's Choice."  Thank you, Marie Elena!

2)  The poem "Blindness" in Nain Rouge: A Journal of Art, Poetry, and Prose , 09.10.2012,  First Issue, page 33.   (Nain Rouge in collaboration with dVerse Poets Pub)  Thank you Mark Durfee!

3)  Featured poem, "Most Fateful Day: A Ghazal" on One Night Stanza's "Read this Now" on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 .   Thank you, Claire Askew!

4) "Early Onset," flash fiction at Tuck Magazine  on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013. 

5)   The poem  “Word Wrapping”  in The dVerse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry. Edited by Frank Watson.  Plum White Press, 2013; p. 151.

6) 4 poems in Types and Shadows: Journal of the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts Issue #57 (Fall 2013); pp 2, 3. 8-10.  Thank you, Blair Seitz.  
The poems are:     
              "In the Park, or When She Prayed"
              "Troubling Secrets"
              "Attraction: Two Sedoka"

7)  The poem "Another Story" in The First Day, Vol 1:1 (Fall 2013); p. 47.

8) The poem "Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself" in Apiary On-line

9)  3 Poems in cshs quarterly issue two: alchemies.  Thank you, Tessa and Joseph.  The poems are: 
“The Life of Ghosts”
“Self Portrait”
“Future Farming”

10)  The poem "Mums" in The First Day, Vol 1:3 (Spring 2014); p. 31.

11) 2 poems in  Tuck Magazine, August 2014.
             "Lions and Land"
             " CO: Gaza 2014"


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