30 December 2012

Small Change

Pennies, nickels and dimes
don’t fit parking meters,
no longer pay for thoughts
and do not chime on the
golden ring of union
as fingers reach deeply
into last year’s pockets
for sustenance and love.

I find these coins rolling
on classroom hardwood floors,
scoop them into my wish
jar and watch them grow just
as I watch bits of now
and then accumulate
in youthful minds and bloom
perennial gardens.

Posted for Claudia's "Poetics– ChaNGe & TuЯns" at dVerse Poets Pub.  Reposted for "Open Link Monday" at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads.  Happy New Year 2013!

Copyright © 2012 S.L.Chast
Submitted to apiary 1/29/2013
Chosen for book 11/9/2013


Claudia said...

nice...coins rolling
on classroom hardwood floors....and then growing in the wish jars... the bits of now and then accumulated...the change of growth...i like

Brian Miller said...

ha. wondering at the significance of spelling nichols the way you do....hey little change adds up you know...keep tossing them in that wish jar...love the second verse as i enjoy watching the little bits collect in the young minds...

Susan said...

nickels no excuse

Sabio Lantz said...

Fun analogy -- "hardwood" floors in your classrooms? Wow, a luxury

kaykuala said...

bits of now
and then accumulate
in youthful minds and bloom
perennial gardens

Exactly Susan! Youthful minds are open for lots of goodness if only properly harnessed. You brought it out most distinctly. Nicely!


Victoria said...

Love your treatment of change, Susan. We have a wish jar, too! Happy New Year...health and creativity!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the blooming in young minds and the perennial gardens. Wonderful.

Hannah said...

The image of these coins rolling and dropping into the jar is distinct, Susan...this is a great piece!! Happy New Year!!

Isadora Gruye said...

hmmm....I really like the transgression which occurs from the first verse, which is quite literal, to the second which takes the concept of the discarded/ made irrelevant into a more abstract place, which is to say the concept grows....very meta, Susan. I very much enjoyed the ride!

PS> Loved the video included, but I always preferred Arlo Guthries version. The first concert I ever went to was an Arlo Guthrie show when I was seven. And oh man, I had to wait through the 45 rendition of Alices Restaurant just to hear the inch worm song. As an adult now, I wish I had paid more attention to Alice's Restaurant too.

Laurie Kolp said...

This is great, Susan. Did you ever read the children's story, A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams? The collecting of coins reminds me so much of it.

Mary said...

A little bit of change can eventually grow into something large!

WabiSabi said...

Love the idea of watching bits of now and then accumulate! Nice one, Susan! Happy New Year!

Adura Ojo said...

Love the imagery and subtle appeal to the senses. Well written piece.

Laura said...

as I watch bits of now
and then accumulate
in youthful minds and bloom
perennial gardens." beautiful!!! Happy New Year!

Sreeja said...

Your words here bring sound images, very smooth and like that growing...
Loved reading... loved the first stanza...and the second one follows so nicely... Happy new year!

W.k. kortas said...

My mother's home town took pennies in the parking meter the last time I was there, but that was half a dozen years ago, so...this piece is utterly charming.

Abin Chakraborty said...

thoughtful reflections on children and their evolution.lovely lines.

Susan said...

Actually not here, though it should be and could be if fixed up. In USA cities this means we are in a creaky old building that was never renovated and doesn't have updated anything to support new technologies, etc. You comment gives me new perspective!

Herotomost said...

Oh how I love the thought behind this one. It does take an understanding of how small things treasured and tended can turn into a life of abundance. Great work.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love your poem, but the video sent me off on an hour-long tangent reading about Pete Seeger and all he is still doing.
Did you know about this?

I sure wish I'd been there. Pete Seeger and Harry Belafonte and all. I've seen Belafonte twice, but have never seen Pete Seeger live.
I'm so easily distracted, but it's often fun, and sometimes poignant.