05 July 2013

Tulip Festival

 Tulip festival at Washington Park in AlbanyNew York,
Photo by 
UpstateNYer, Wikipedia Commons

Two lips never looked so
good as your smiles in the
city park surround of
red purple white yellow
Yours are rare, dearer than
our annual display
of tulips that draws guests
to the Hudson River
How tall you are, taller
as I draw closer, sword
leaves up to my thighs, my
hands cupping up-turned mouths
Lips all vying to be
chosen, I think, instead
of you.  They slow me down
and I hear official
Clapping me back out from
the gardens where you stand—
stood—were standing—had been
standing last I saw you
Ago, long ago, you
were smiling in tulips
with me—no oceans,
no buds—no heavens were

Inspired by Hannah's "Haunted Hearts...Hungry Eyes..." at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. REposted for Poets United Poetry Pantry #157.

Sent to rattle contest  7/10/2013
Copyright © 2013 S.L.Chast
Chosen for my own book 11/5/2013

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