11 February 2014

My Heart Leans

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  • My heart leans toward yours, you 
    who read me “When You Are Old” 
    by Yeats long ago
    when your heart turned its back.

    Dear heart, I am old now
    (though neither grey nor full
    of sleep), and my pilgrim
    soul, intact, is not sad.

    My heart remembers our
    double rainbows starting
    with meeting and color
    flairing until their end.

    Dear heart, I now visit
    my pots of gold and youth
    almost as often as
    I don traveling shoes.

    My heart loves visiting
    attics and basements from
    the ground floor where it thrives
    and fills my poems with bliss.

    Posted for my prompt at Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Heart, which will open on Wednesday at 7 am EST.  You can find Yeat's "When You Are Old" HERE.  A fine reading of it is HERE

    Copyright © 2014 S.L.Chast


    1. Such a poignant poem, Susan.....I love that there were double rainbows, and that your pilgrim heart finds much to sustain you in your basements and attics.

    2. What a lovely inspiration for your words Susan ~ I like the graceful acceptance of the intact pilgrim heart, though not not sad ~ Happy Hearts Day to you ~


    3. You have written from the heart here, Susan! I enjoyed the idea of filling 'my poems with bliss.'

    4. i am glad your soul is not sad...but also that you can revisit all those pots of gold and memories....its good to be able to appreciate them for what they were/are...pilgrim heart...smiles, i like that.

    5. I am glad your pilgrim soul is 'intact'. I like Yeats's poem as well as the French poem by Ronsard that inspired it.

    6. I would dare to predict that pilgrims would love to rummage through basements and attics as well. I can also relate. may there always be a little pilgrim heart in all of us. Happy Valentines Day

    7. I like the sense of composure and progress in this poem..remembering but not regretting? Enjoying and journeying through beautiful books and pictures..and turning them into beautiful words

    8. Love the double rainbows and rummaging through attics and basements.

    9. And those pots of gold are very important. Just endless inspiration. You have evoked a lovely contentment in this poem...enjoyed it very much!

    10. "I am old now / (Though neither grey nor full / of sleep)" Sometimes I feel that way too...but I'm only 28! LOL.
      Keep writing from the heart!

    11. Attics and basements are great for visits! So many stories waiting to be remembered!

    12. love that source where heart thrives and fills the poem with bliss....a beautiful journey...

    13. I love the tenderness of the heart, the touch of love and care. Those dreams lost in time. Lovely words

    14. "pilgrim soul, intact"...lovely, and a great state to be in. I felt the heart in this Susan. Beautifully done.

    15. Well, this touches my heart... and I especially like the last stanza. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day, Susan.

    16. it's good to see you've traversed your rainbow of your own accord ~

    17. This poem moves with grace through time and on the page. You provide a sense of beginning, middle and closure. Good writing, Susan.

    18. Susan,

      A personal voyage through your well chosen words and a sharing of experiences, all influencing your heart. It is lovely to know that this journey has sent you along with a good heart of memories and a healthy pilgrim's soul.


    19. There is so much good when reflecting of the good times of days gone by! It may even help create new strategies for a different era. Wonderful take Susan!


    20. A beautiful little old Heart............

    21. Love the form of dialog with your heart, promises and remembering happy moments~ feels more positive than sad ~ GREAT POEM! ~ Happy Heart Day, Susan!

    22. Beautiful....I especially LOVE the last stanza, Susan. (encloses me in its embrace:D)

    23. Lovely in its own right - and you quote one of my favourite poems over many years. :)

    24. I love discovering old treasures. The image you posted reminded me of my grandmother.
      Lovely ...

    25. Your beautiful heart succeeds. <3


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