03 March 2014

Water from the Well

File:Rainbow At Maraetai Beach New Zealand.jpg
Rainbow over the Hauraki Gulf by Tomwsulcer and Haley Sulcer

            Long time past I believed God was a joke
community played on innocent by-
standers—a “Look Up!” game that we joined so
no one would know we had been taken in.
I was entranced by images of God
but more so by coincidence and land-
and city-scapes that draped me with their moods:
invisible presences whispering.

I am; we are” breathed God repeatedly
until I heard the unambiguous
inhale~exhale~heart beat~inhale~exhale
of now upheld by past and leading on.
I am not joking when I say that thirst
led me past mirages to real water. 

Posted at Poets United 

Poetry Pantry #192.

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


  1. O!M!G! I ADORE "thirst led me past mirages to real water." Beautiful , my talented friend.

  2. smiles...i like the play on breathing...which in the jewish culture is the sound of god's name...the breathing...
    god has worn many faces to me...or maybe gods people have shown me many faces of god...
    and i would say they are mirages as well...that one must pass through to see the real
    and living water...smiles.

  3. Been here, this is so beautiful I don't what to say. It happens to me so very often. Can you take a kiss and some silence?


  4. This part made me pause ~ Beautifully written Susan ~

    that thirst
    led me past mirages to real water.

  5. I love how invisible presences whisper and lead to real water.....one has to be thirsty...this is so beautifully written Susan....

  6. God touches people in different ways. Your poem reflects a personal spiritual experience,

  7. inhale~exhale~heart beat~inhale~exhale... so cool...finding him in his breath...and word.. always amazing how many ways he has to get our attention...

  8. Susan, it is good to follow where the thirst leads; and I sense that it has led you to a peaceful place!

  9. "thirst led me past mirages to real water"... Ah! Such a beautiful and truthful way of wording your search.

  10. It is not easy to put such thoughts into words so others may share the epiphany.

  11. The imagery of thirst and yearning.. very good.

  12. From disbelief via psalm twenty three
    I can see it happen

  13. Powerful imagery portrayed wonderfully Susan. especially loved " I am not joking when I say that thirst
    led me past mirages to real water." ...

  14. it is beautiful undoubted but more on a spiritual level.i loved led me past mirages to real waters. i am sorry if i may say i didn't get most of it.

  15. this is so great. this is something i can really relate to -- loss of faith and then back -- this is so real.


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