17 December 2014

Joining the Chorus

Joining the Chorus

Chagal: Stained Glass memorial at UN

Notes that run through silence up from earth and out out—
vibration that moves from planted foot to lifted mouth—
yes, those—strum that signature, sing the song that is self.

True self often surfaces as age wears us down,
but you dug swiftly through bling, hype, expectation—
as if you had a key—you are the key, singing.

You opened doors as you passed them by so eager
to meet more like you singing their true songs in key—
in time—for melody, harmony, symphony.

Prelude to the Age of Capricorn, you lead us
fearlessly past judgment into justice itself—
a community reel complete with violins.

Notes that run through silence up from earth and out out—
vibration that moves from planted feet to lifted mouths.

Copyright © 2014 S.L.Chast


Unknown said...

A strong and moving write, Susan, staring aging and understanding in the eye and refusing to back down. The repeat of the first lines powerfully ties the piece together.

Torie said...

Great writing, Susan! I loved 'you are the key', what a great reminder that we hold our own power to unlock the possibilities :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is absolutely beautiful and lifts the heart as all true music does.

Jae Rose said...

When we truly find ourselves..accept that our being is an earthy tone and not a fleeting superficial trill it must be a glorious feeling...a real chorus to the heaven we hold inside ourselves...I am glad you are there...I look forward to the day when it may happen here...you describe it so well...and so lyrically.. Happy Christmas to you and here's to next years prompts!

Old Egg said...

How music is so much a part of our lives. Almost unaware we hear birds sing, the sea thunder its applause, the wind whistles mournfully and the trickle of a stream is a soft lullaby. How lucky we are to have it with us every day. You poem was beautiful Susan.

Unknown said...

I really liked how you were able to deliver a poem that speaks out on its own. I feel like this one would be great for a speak out loud version. It has the good stopping points and flows smoothly, which is essential to narrating. I never really have been to a chorus myself, but I have heard them in movies. There is something entrancing about listening to a symphony of different vocalists.

By the way, I need to ask, did you mean to repeat the word "out" in the first line? Wasn't sure if it was a typo.

Mary said...

I like the idea that true self surfaces as age wears us down; or maybe it is that in age we are freer to be our true selves and really don't 'give a damn.' I think eventually we 'sing' because we enjoy the song, not because we have a good voice. Hope you have a Happy Holiday, my friend!!

kaykuala said...

singing their true songs in key—
in time—for melody, harmony, symphony

It tugs at the savage breast. Beautifully set Susan!


Kenia Santos said...

I visited your prompt and wanted to write a poem to it because I adore both you and music, but I've been listening to so many different singers and styles lately I couldn't decide which one to choose. Probably because I'm listening to music but music hasn't been playing through me.

This is a beautiful poem which instantly reminded me of my high school days, I used to sing in the school choir, I was a soprano - 15 years as a teacher changed my voice pitch a lot unfortunately and I just thought how sad it is that I can't remember what I used to sound like. :'(

Susan, I have no words to thank you for your friendship and support throughout this year, I'm so glad we're Facebook friends and I can often see your smiling face over there and get to know how you're spending your days. You're a wonderful woman, I've got to repeat myself on this one, a talented poet and a sweet soul.

Kiss you my dear. <3

Gen Giggles said...

I love the tying of violins to the vibrations moving us.

Christopher Barnes said...

It's a call for both individuality and collectivity, it seems. Interesting.

Sreeja said...

This is beautiful....the opening is so apt......

rallentanda said...

True self does surface with age I agree...this may not always be a good experience for others:)

PT said...

True self often surfaces as age wears us down....an absolute truth...this one line is enough for me!
Great wisdom in your verse Susan...Congrats!