29 March 2015

Ancient Kitty I

My ancient kitty sits tall and still as a sphinx
gazing at me with her clear celadon eyes—
measuring me, memorizing me, saying to
me “Hey there.  I love you” with a spiritual
softness that is new. 
                            She has turned a corner
in her life—sleeping more than she’s awake, alert
to meal and playtimes out of habit rather than
need, looking for dark quiet places to curl up
and dream of pleasures.
                                                I show her my gratitude
for the latest of her gifts—feline fortitude—
by gazing back, combing her itchy places and
giving her more time and touch without lifting her—
Oh my darling cat!  You don’t complain at each new
                                                you simply go on and on
as is your job and mine: live life to the fullest!
I did not anticipate learning this from you,
my dear.  Have I given you enough love and food?
Have you felt my affection through your fur and my
skin, touching, being?

Posted at Poetry Pantry #245 of Poets United

Copyright © 2015  S.L.Chast


  1. Susan, this poem really resonates. I have three dogs, and one of them is 'elder' and doesn't enjoy things as much as the other too do. Actually sometimes I have to remind myself to pay attention to her needs as well....to let her know that she is special, despite the fact that she is often grumpy (I think from some pain) when the others are not. And yes, she must simply go on as well, as must we all, making the most out of our lives....loving as we can and as we must. Just because!

  2. They really do have a fortitude and push on through their aging. They are a fine example of love even when they dont feel so great. A fine friend to share warm kindnesses with

  3. Feline fortitude, she is a strong one, a survivor ~ I hear and feel your bond and affection with your cat, Susan ~ We can learn from them, don't we ~

  4. Hello Susan, was wondering when you ll post! :D
    Lovely poem... I m a cat person myself!!
    Remarkable work :)

  5. Great poem, Susan. Your cat reminds me of one of the two cats that mattered in my life. She was great and loving even when her health declined.

  6. I sure can relate to this, Susan. Throughout her illness and following her surgery, Lindy never complained. She became very cuddly, however, and fortunately my husband was able to lie down on the floor to cuddle with her. I could hug her when she was sitting up, and even gave her kisses on the top of her head. Now she's behaving very independently, although she hasn't wanted to go for a walk with Dick since he took her for a long hike a couple of days ago. Yesterday she refused completely, and today she only went across the street, then wanted to come home.
    Your cat looks so sweet, gazing up at you. True love.
    Dick had a tabby and I had a white longhair when we got together. The tabby was very old...22. Dick still talks about him fondly. My longhair is the fat one in the cartoon at the top of my FB page. With her is my best cat ever, a white shorthair with black tail and markings. He was smart and sweet and adventurous. He loved people, kittens, puppies, and babies, and would visit neighbours who had any such!

  7. I adore this poem, so full of love for your beautiful kitty. You are wise to note she has turned a corner.......she must know how much she is loved- she looks at you with such devotion.

  8. Beautiful poem. Genuine affection and empathy with cats and intelligent enough to learn from these wonderful creatures

    It is wonderful to see a cat that is loved...it shows in her eyes. It also saddens me when I recently learned of a cat being left alone for five weeks when the owners went on holidays....highly regard members of the legal fraternity...professionally giving judgements which affect the lives of others...I also make an unprofessional judgement that these people are not as worthy as the contents of your ancient cat's litter tray. Sorry...I have just recently found out and am still upset about it.

  9. oops I forgot to say I adore that poem and your gorgeous creeetcha cat!

  10. What w beautiful old cat. My family always had cats and I really think it's amazing that they can keep on going as long as they do. Love the way you describe her aging,

  11. Aww a testament of a beautiful friendship. I like the conversations embedded in the poem Susan. She is truly special

  12. this is such a beautiful ode to your loving kitty...so touching..

  13. how awesome, this companionship and appreciation for life; very admirable
    Have a good holy week and thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime; If you write on a Monday remember to stop by and link up at my Monday WRites at http://myblog-verses.blogspot.com/

    much love...

    much love...

  14. Susan, what a sweet and and heartfelt tribute to your beautiful cat. I'm sure she appreciates all your love and care. I can see it in her gorgeous green eyes. Three years ago, we 'adopted' a kitten that was born to one of the village cats. My daughter named him Prince Richard, and he is quite famous on my other blog. Sadly, after three years, he suddenly disappeared. It's been almost a month, and my husband, who is very attached to him, is afraid of the worst. Tell me, do cats do this kind of thing? The longest he's been away is a week. P.R. adored us, and I just don't get it!

    Thanking you in advance for your advice!


  15. She is loved..you can tell in her eyes...we must all go on it's true..nice when we share the movement of time with our faithful, furry friends

  16. This is incredibly beautiful, Susan.

  17. Susan,

    It was a rewarding pleasure to read this poem. Straightforward, your love for your cat and seeing her contentment back to you again. Great loyalty between the two of you; unspoken, but palpable!!

  18. somewhat sad when they reach that age.. cats are wonderful animals to have around

  19. Ah--very sweet poem, Susan--really a lovely interchange here--just nice to read. K.

  20. I have no doubt at all that you have.

  21. I imagine she has had a beautiful life. Our pets have so much to teach us. She looks so much like my kitty Bindi

  22. aw, i think this is one of my favorites by you! so much love and affection for your furry friend. and i do love kitties. thanks for sharing, made me smile!


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