17 April 2016

Haiku Essay*

Axt bib15.JPG
Book destruction under Stalin, artwork by Cornelius Hasselblatt

In the end I asked
for privilege again—
to finish my book.

And then you have me,
undivided, united
with Black Lives Matter.

I know that some don’t
have this choice, but also know
I have a leading.

How can I know now
if my words will encourage change?
They won’t impede it.

Truly, my leading
includes impressing on all
that the arts lead change:

When we can create
together, humanity
improves on itself;

When we can create
together, we overcome
our old history;

When we can create
together, we pay back
and reclaim wounded;

And when we create
together, we make a world
safe for all children.

For day 16 of National Poetry Month.  I am a day behind. 

*Note:  All April poem-a-day poems are rough drafts awaiting revision.

Copyright © 2016 Susan L. Chast


  1. Wonderful! Wise and inspiring.

  2. I liked the title immediately ( possibly because it struck me as something of an oxymoron). It is so important for the world to think of creating together rather than break down, or building barriers.

  3. Wonderful! I think we poets well may be the canaries in the mines........we both create - and reflect - the earth's beauty and hopefully inspire some hope and inspiration along the way.

  4. Like you I am taking space to finish my book. I'm taking an Earthweal break but hope to back with a published eco novel in early March. We have to create our stories that come from the heart now. Suzanne - Mapping Uncertainty.

  5. 'When we can create
    together, humanity
    improves on itself;'

    Absolutely! We are being trained to become mindless consumers and forget our humanity. Let's keep reminding ourselves and everyone else that it is the only thing we have of any real value.


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