17 May 2021

The Faith of a Tree

Must I schedule grief to allow for joy?
Or schedule joy to allow for grief?
I want to hold both at once like a tree 
in the autumn of its year
when it is both green and red (or yellow).
Like a tree in spring yearly budding, 
flowering, and letting go simultaneously.
Like a tree knowing another turn of the spiral
and the mystery will perform itself again.

O, to be as grounded as a tree
as ready for both routine and possibility.
O, to be able to say hello and goodbye 
in a word with patience and humility
without separating from the love in me.

Written during Meeting for Worship for Business while considering reparations.

My blog poems are rough drafts.
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     © 2021 Susan L.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful. It is in holding both that our hearts are fullest, I think. Lovely to read you, my friend.

Helen said...

This is lovely ... questions to ponder, deeply.