10 June 2021

Dear God and Earth who share and show us creation

Do you see your creation in me?  

Do I show you physically, mentally, and other ways?

I look at you when I look up and down and within, even when I don’t remember you are here.

I remind myself multiple times a day to tune in to your reality in the day, the night and the ocean. So many colors and tones surround me!

And if I am not aware that I experience you, let me recognize you later, reflecting on my experience—a moment recalled in tranquility like a poem.

I am no longer trying to be too much or bigger or any other way than a learner in your light.  Let me see you in all life.  Let the joy I feel in writing this praise turn into hope.  Let my hope be full of courage. Let it be shared.

(Part of the larger writing Here.)

My blog poems are rough drafts.
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     © 2021 Susan L. Chast

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Joy, hope and courage - yes, let it be shared. We all need it.