31 October 2021

Samhain ~ Halloween ~ Hallowmass ~ The Night of the Dead

 A poem from years ago:

File:Candles in Love 07406.jpg

Now that the young trick-or-treaters are gone,
white candles flicker in the dark silence.
The border between life and death is thin
tonight.  Cats of years past visit til dawn.

The littlest, Red, comes first and then Wicca,
Pierette and Miracle ~ all stay awhile.
While they purr, I sense people who have left
this plane walking in and out of my mind.

I hold each for a long minute, and more
for my dear friend Nancy who would enjoy
watching a film ~ Cat People, maybe, or
Bell, Book and Candle ~ if she were here.

The films play one after another as
we reminisce about decades past
gathering with women in bonfire light, 
drumming, dancing, blessing, and howling

Those revelers scattered over this world
and the next one.  Some returned to childhood
faiths, and some like me became convinced
of Christianity.  Jesus shows up.

I myself am Jewish, he reminds me.
I’m willing to be Christian, but I’m still
wary of paganism ~ though nothing
indigenous is foreign to me. 

My eyes are closed now, and I’m contained in,
enveloped by environment: the warm
and shadowed room and the scent of sage grass
the sure knowledge of trees and homes outside.

I pray to be open to the cross and
the resurrection in Jesus’s presence,
certain we need both faith and good works,
that this isn’t debatable.   Certain.

This thin time is full of earth, air, water
and fire.  Certain I am called to teaching
and word-smithing, but not debate ~ only
witness and testify and remember.

Don’t lie.  To thine own self be true.  I smile. 
Sometimes Jesus sounds so much like Shakespeare
that I recall the King James Bible dates from
exactly the same years.  I love the sound.

And now it’s time to awaken, blow out
the candles, and come home from traditions
present because I made room for them in
my life, made room for Light and for Darkness.

In this thin time, we embrace a wealth of
accumulated experience, we
remind ourselves to increase positives
and decrease negatives.  We hug the earth.

For Sanaa's prompt Poets United: Midweek Motif ~ A Million Years Howl When Voices Whisper Among The Trees 

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the idea of our beloved animals and loved ones coming near as the veil thins. LOVE "We hug the earth." Wonderful to read you, my friend.

Thotpurge said...

So much atmosphere... candles and dark and certainties...love it!

Helen said...

I love ‘in this thin time’ for surely it is. Also enjoyed reading your poem on All Saints Day.