06 December 2021

Journey in Progress


My last journey is a journey toward wholeness

which started 4 years ago and has not yet ended.

My companions are words written in the light

and darkness of wisdom traditions, voices that try

to calm my swirling inner life so I can find the way. 

Many have found it before me, but they built no path

for others to follow.  Each must find their own.


The topography is both natural and human-made,

and so is the soundtrack.  Plants and animals

seem accepting of what is within the circle

of their lives, and yet they—we—carry some

knowledge of the weariness of earth.  She’s

trying to survive the abuse of mankind, and

throwing fits of flood and fire as she fumes. 


Should I describe the concrete that cracks under

pressure from human transportation and tree roots?

I am more drawn to record images of the trees

stubbornly upright, courage on full display for

any beings who want to learn their way—and for

beings who want to rest and live in their arms.

Here I lean, catching my breath before moving on.


I live in a fully equipped cave—bed linens

and computer screens and food and books.  Cats

keep out bugs and mice, and remind me to cook.

I spend hours in movies and TV news, so much time

that I forget how to write, to dream, and to journey.  

The word "reparations' floats by and I follow it, 

letting the deserving teach me to move again.

for earthweal weekly challenge: THE JOURNEY


Brendan said...

This journey hallows a middle space between self and world, I and Thou, life and the beyond: A daily space, harrowed with limitation and difficulty, human noise and earthwide anguish: Making one's way through that is a map only we can write. Thank god for the comfort of trees. When I walk in the morning I join their company, becoming a resident of the still-growing, yearning, widening world. A rich poem where its difficulty is its possibility.

Ingrid said...


trying to survive the abuse of mankind, and

throwing fits of flood and fire as she fumes.'

She will survive, though quite possibly we won't!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

My new favourite of yours, my friend. I especially love the line about the courage of trees. I feel the weariness of earth. A wonderful journey and a wonderful poem.

Suzanne said...

I really enjoyed this and can identify with your journey. Your poem gave me a surge if energy to keep on going chasing that light despite the odds. Suzanne - (Wordpress) Mapping Uncertainty

rallentanda said...

I like your cave. If you are going to launch a campaign best do it from a comfort zone I say.

grapeling said...

so apt, this 'cave' description of modern humans, of your life - of so many of us. you've struck a chord, I think, and it will continue to resonate after this page is closed and the power turned off. ~

Kerfe said...

This is a wonderful meditation of and on connection.