11 May 2024

Theatrical magic


Layer up and layer down, take the ladies back to town.  Let the play reveal the things that sub-consciousness to true life brings:

Let's visit a production of “Gloaming, Oh My Darling,” a one-act play by Megan Terry (which has nothing to do with the song or film of similar name).
The 1965 absurdist comedy is about two old ladies in a nursing home who steal a man from another floor and hide him in their beds.
The unlikely man-napping helps them deal with physical aging, memory loss, lack of freedom, the baby talk of aides, and the duty visits of relatives. 
Picture it: Two old ladies, center stage, full of marvelous insults that rival Shakespeare: “You 2-minute egg, you runny slimy, boiled egg!”
They rue the loss of their own eggs, compete over the ownership of the man—Whose husband is he anyway?and sit on him when their families arrive.

What a romp!  But what if the man is real?  What if he is in “the gloaming” of life?  What if the secret presence makes the ladies powerful again?
In their shared scenes, the song, “In the Gloaming” takes them outside the frame of the action to a zone where they are still more alive than almost dead.
And there they stay, in a zone of freedom and love, in a dreamland of dignity, moving, waltzing, flowing, living, becoming, dying.  Hold.  Blackout.

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  1. I was laughing out loud at them sitting on the man when their families arrived. Sounds like a fun play...even with the life/death questions. (I'm so borrowing "2-minute-egg" - thank you!!)


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