11 March 2014


I don’t have to go
to the reunion
because I know who
and what and don’t give
two shakes of a rat’s
hind quarters about
where, why and how. 
YOU go,
the wives and ex-es
and see that I’m right—
but call if you hear
someone found God and
not just a new con
with the same old tales
devoid of danger.
if blood flows
into the red wine
if fresh bread circles
and pounces on your
spiritual hunger
if an artist knows
and shows undersides
to dress for success.
Yes, YES,
I play safe
rather than sample
the culture, but why
compete with your wit
that I love so much,
the words you sharpen
on our bedposts when
the party’s over? 

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


  1. Excellent write about why and why not to go to the reunion. Loved the read and I think your reasons say it all.


  2. Ha great prediction not far off the mark is my guess

  3. OO, yes, exactly why I never go to reunions!!!!! LOVE the sharpening of the teeth on the bedpost, after. Cackle.

  4. Oh okay, just checked and it was the words sharpening on the bedposts. Okay, if you say so. I still like the teeth !!

  5. Wow Susan--so filled with emotion--I have never gone to one and though I am curious sometimes, I was one of the outcasts and suspect that I still am

  6. Make sense! Love the last part with pseudo-foresight! The song - nice addition.

  7. I love this! This is really funny!

  8. some good forecasting.... :D ... and enjoyable lines..

  9. So typical of them! some of them atleast :)

  10. I love the saying about not giving a rat's hind quarters! Reunions are more like replaying what was..I shudder at the thought too

  11. Susan, I wonder if you will go to the reunion. I had a chance last summer to attend, and i really did toy with it, but in the end I decided not to. Actually if I have not been in touch with these people for decades, I decided I didn't need to be in touch now. LOL. I did find myself wondering who the 'you' was in the poem you wrote. A friend perhaps?

  12. Intriguing! I like the way it becomes both reluctance and wish.


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