15 March 2014

The Gambler

File:Mr. Punch's Book of Sports (Illustration Page 182).png
By Punch Magazine [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A birthday present led to OTB
when she had foresight at age thirty three.
From there she went with the football pool
then hit the cards—she was too cool.

Winning small change led to larger wagers
including saving nothing for her older ages
And now she’s breaking bad from deal to deal
gambling on friendship for her next meal.

She knocked at my palace door just last night;
and I let her win, took her inside
Where she saw my poverty, I her fright
that she’d have to give in or lose her fight.

Today—sadly, gladly—I hardly know
With what emotion I let her go.

Written for Marian's Let It Go at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  Reposted at Poets United Poetry Pantry #195

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


  1. What a very different viewpoint on the theme, Susan, I wondered what you would come up with and this was no disappointment. Life's a gamble for royals, commoners and fools alike.

  2. What a sad state if she is gambling for her next meal ~ That is an addiction hard to let go since you are just spiraling more and more into debts & despair ~ I hope she gets help ~ Happy weekend Susan ~

  3. i wonder if this is another person or more introspective...we have these parts of us, the risk takers...or even the bad habits we have to let go...and then on the other side we have people we have to let go of as well...because they leach all our strength in their needs without ever considering our own....

  4. You've employed the sonnet so perfectly, Susan, and developed the 'characters' expertly. ~

  5. yowza, Susan! somehow this feels all too real even while the rhyme and form lend a dream-like quality.

  6. so well formed Susan.. and the subject matter was poignant...well done

  7. I really like your take on the prompt....life is a gamble and there is much we wager in it

  8. This is a cool slant on letting go, Susan. I liked "she saw my poverty, I her fright."

  9. Ah.. Some people you have to let go.. You can feel that at one point they will burn... And they never go down alone.

  10. Yikes, gambling on friendship for her next meal....quite a sad state to have come to.

  11. a great take on the prompt and a sonnet on a social issue. :)
    i think gambling hurts not just the gambler alone, but also their families and friends.

  12. it's better to let go anything dark, be it a person or an addiction and better late than never...and i love that contrast in the couplet....

  13. A lifetime of regret and poor decisions. Letting go though painful is the only choice.
    Well written I think from experience

  14. It's hard to stop...but maybe someone can help to overcome the addiction. Well painted with words.


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