16 March 2014


Rendering of the Great Library of Alexandria by  O. Von Corven
based on some archaeological evidence.

Single stories seduce with sense
like one path through our dreams that keeps
us from wandering in our sleep.

That multiple accounts condense
like canned soup is true, and each needs
lots of liquid so it concedes.

But truth and beauty are immense
and like queen-sized crazy quilts are
pieced of many shapes and colors.

Not linear and present tense,
Truth and beauty amass themselves
like stacks of books on shelves and shelves.

Let our story telling commence
Let our tales link and contradict
And all together truth depict.

Single stories seduce with sense
that multiple accounts condense
but truth and beauty are immense
not linear and present tense
Let our story telling commence!

Posted for Kerry's Sunday Form Challenge - Constanza  at Imaginary garden with Real Toads.  Working still to relax my use of the form.

Copyright © 2014  S.L.Chast


  1. Hello Susan,

    Enjoyed reading your poetry here and on the other blogs. Glad to have visited this blog, your works are a great inspiration for writing enthusiasts!! :)

    Writing is my hobby, at your leisure I invite you to visit my blog, http://beyond-barriers.blogspot.co.uk/

    Best Wishes,
    Charan :)

  2. It is so true that stories have lives of their own. We try to contain them in books and libraries but that is rather unnatural, come to think of it. I think it is the truth and beauty which we cannot bear to part from. Thanks for putting your mind to this form; you have done so with style.

    1. I was thinking of the Ted talk which I just embedded above.

  3. I actually listened to this Ted talk a while back and am really amazed by the wit and charm of the speaker ~ Yes, there are many stories, waiting to be told ~ And some are not just one kind too but different shapes and colors ~

    Let our storytelling commence ~ Lovely use of the form Susan ~

  4. So much therapy in the stories we tell.

  5. I like the theme of the authenticity in TED video...how good -we can hear different sides of one story now, when technology so accessible...
    this tendency to interact, move faster than before makes everyone the person of all, absorbed dif. cultures, languages and history - so the meaning of authenticity is changing... ~ Thanks for sharing, Susan. ~ Storytelling tends to be interactive...

  6. Form poetry just isn't for me. I've been writing poor quality poems these days but I insist on the story they have to tell, otherwise I'd stop telling them for good.

    Kiss you. <3

  7. Stories tell so much about us....It is sad how we no longer sit at the feet of the story teller....beautiful poem

  8. I don't know why I can't get it downloaded......from your beautiful lines and humbird's comments I get that we need much more pieces of color and shape to make our life complete...a wonderful content to fill this difficult form...

  9. I have watched this talk on TED before absolutely brilliant! A single story can indeed lead to bias but so often we look at a single example as confirmation.

    On another note I took anthropology in college thinking it would be awesome but once a week we had to write a ten page research paper =(

  10. I think that stories can tell so much and the more stories the more we can create our own :-)

  11. this sings with lots of truth...how single stories seduce and the condensing of all the stories...
    solid piece with a strong voice susan...

  12. I love this, Susan, for its own self and because I wish I had studied more than one semester of anthropology. A fascinating science.

  13. Yes, the stories are powerful...all the more for escaping and traveling by word or mouth or by words pressed on paper. I loved this, Susan. A joy to read and the meaning is very powerful.


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