19 March 2014

Happy Feast of St. Joseph’s Day

File:Community Center Arabi St Joseph Day Cakes.jpg
St. Joseph's Day Altar with cakes at the Community Center of St Bernard, Arabi, Louisiana
By Billy Brown (originally posted to Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Feast of St. Joseph’s Day
to fathers who father
to carpenters who build
to josephs, josephines
and workers everywhere.

Happy Feast of St. Joseph’s Day
may swallows return to
San Juan Capistrano;
may striped bass return to
mid-Atlantic rivers.

Happily wear the red
after wearing the green.
Hungrily turn to Lent
and beans, to New Orleans,
Canada and Poland.

Happy Feast of St. Joseph’s Day
may fathers take the time
to father; may children
have time to be children;
may mothers be esteemed.

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My information came from Wikipedia's Saint Joseph's Day.

Look what I just discovered:  Saint Joseph’s Day 
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Anonymous said...

Most wonderful poem, a joy to read.


Jae Rose said...

I had not heard of St Joseph's day before reading this - so thank you..i think any father who manages to father should be celebrated..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem Susan =)

Anonymous said...

I love how you built this poem. Would sound great read aloud like a preachers speech - well at least that's how I hear it.

rallentanda said...

I have never heard of St Joseph's day either...probably overshadowed by St Patrick's day. A feast day for carpenters is a great idea.I wonder how everyone's lenten resolutions are going.I was going to give up sugar and swearing. Swearing ,not a problem...sugar..fallen off the wagon a few times already.

humbird said...

All good wishes and hopes! I join the chorus.

annell4 said...

Sounds fun to me!

Mary said...

What a joyful poem, Susan!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh this is lovely. That is a lot of cake, in the photo. I love the wishes in your closing stanza, especially.......may it be so.

alan1704 said...

This really works a full circle of thoughts and words. Very nice.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


There is something special about the attachment of a saint, or a helping hand, to certain days. St Joseph shares his graces quite well!!!
Happy Days,

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

That's lovely, every word!

Sumana Roy said...

Love this celebration...'may children have time to be children;'....this I so deeply feel specially when I watch them on TV reality shows...poor