05 July 2017

Still Dreaming

Mona Lisa detail eyes.jpg
Mona Lisa detail

That stubborn child with her independent streak
I told her not to climb the tree, the fence, the …

Even when she sits still I can see her mind
still climbing, questing, dancing, dreaming—not

listening.  Makes me want to scream.  I thought she
was mine.  I thought I could train her to survive.

At home alone at night, I let her speak but
she still gives me a stomach ache, an ulcer.

She wants to use four-letter words that could get
me fired.  I swallow them as fast as I can.

She leaks out of my eyes. She’s doing it now.
(She made me add a half a foot to each line.)

She thrums her fingers waiting for me to re-
tire.  Somehow she knows she keeps me alive.

For my prompt 

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Independence

My blog poems are rough drafts.   

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© 2017 Susan L. Chast


  1. Ah, one must always nurture that independent streak. It may get one in trouble occasionally, but if a person squelches it so much is lost. Each person has to keep their own mind - and with a stiff upper lip - be willing to go against the grain and keep that spirit of independence alive. A wonderful poem, Susan! I really admire your poetic style & the way you work a theme.

  2. I echo Mary. I love your style and the way you work a theme. I especially loved this impish inner spirit.........she keeps you young!

  3. I have a granddaughter just like this...I am so proud of her.

  4. Boy do I understand this. My mom often said she hoped I'd have a child just like me. I have four. :P

    The ulcer stanza and the last sentence are my favorites.

  5. LOL...I have a wild wilful child too.Hard to control her.Enjoyed this poem.

  6. Very clever. Great poem Blessed is our inner independent child It will keep you young

  7. My daughter! A accident happened. But I was prepared. (I wonder why)

  8. I love this 'stubborn child', true life, the fiercely independent spirit and the muse of the poet. This poem is a beauty.

  9. I could relate to the independent streak that cannot be tamed. Brilliant write!

  10. This is brilliant...the only truth about freedom...it's there inside..!

  11. The independent spirit does get us into trouble doesnt it?
    Viva la difference!!!


  12. thought provoking, introspective.

    I enjoyed that.

    then read it again.
    And yet again.

  13. Such a good thing for children to be independent! Find their own way. Still, it's not easy, all a part of letting go, letting them be, letting them be who they are, not me.


  14. Every mother of a daughter will identify with this poem. Beautifully written, Susan. Spot on, as my Brit friend says!

  15. What a wonderful poem! So beautifully crafted and rhymed, and so full of feeling that touches us immediately. I read it as the Muse, though it could juts as well be your inner child, or a real-life daughter – or each of these. And I love the use of Mina Lisa's eyes, making us wonder what lies behind her quiet face and secret smile.

  16. Susan I have so missed your poetry and am so delighted to come back and find this amazing piece....what a celebration of our own inner independence. It is our power and something we must never give away. And I do so understand 'That stubborn child with her independent streak—' The one my mother cursed and secretly loved and does still today. Thank you for these fabulous words that brought such happy tears to my eyes.

  17. As, I was reading this I was thinking inner child. Sometimes, she wants to come out at the most unexpected times. I understand her need for independence.


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