18 January 2022

Collision with Truth


 Hiranyagarbha, the Golden cosmic egg*

We’ve known for years that once Humpty Dumpty fell and shattered,

no-one—at least none of our bigwigs—could pull him together again.

But I thought that like ants we could rebuild it—hills of ants (or bees in hives)

could—with infinite care—put the almost-whole egg back together.


Like carving a medieval door, it could be the work of a lifetime. 

Like an entire church, it would be the work of many life times.  

But even if possible, it won’t be familiar.  It’s no jigsaw puzzle.

Many hearts will birth a new creation, or no being will survive. 


What better use of our senses now than to observe and attend to

the wealth and stress of what surrounds us (and beyond),

to experience the shoes, roots, and ripples of other lives, and to try

what we can not imagine alone.  Let’s live that fully as long as we can. 

For earthweal weekly challenge: NATIVE TO THE NOW

*The earliest image of the world as egg is in Sanskrit scriptures. However, if borrowing this image is cultural appropriation, please tell me and I will remove it. Thank you.

(This poem needs details which haven't come to me yet.)

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Many hearts will birth a new creation or no being will survive." It could not be said any better. I love the message in your closing stanza too. I love that golden cosmic egg.

Brendan said...

I really like this -- there isn't a comprehensible shape for the change we are entering (with so many alternate fates); and the one(s) we end up with will not have an Enlightenment roundness to it, but a congregation of eggshell pieces. Just to have been part of the crew who worked on the door (or maybe fashioned an angel set high in the rafters with a stone fly attached behind its head) would be enough of an accomplishment for me. Great stab at the challenge and yes, we'll be scratching our head on this one for a while.

Rajani Rehana said...

Super blog

Rajani said...

Many hearts will birth a new creation, or no being will survive. ... how I love the wisdom in that line.. beautiful!

And I notice Sherry picked that line too...! It will stay a long time with me...

Kerfe said...

Wise words...none of us can do it alone.

Eric Erb said...

If that is cultural appropriation then do it, for it is a good thing. The blending of ideas is essential. The church built over lifetimes, what a great image. And wow how did they manage that, back then ? Reminds me of the novel Pillars of the Earth.

Ingrid said...

Wonderful advice, Susan, I hope we can pull it off!

Suzanne said...

Beautifully put Susan. I love the idea of likening these times to the smashing of the cosmic egg and Humpty Dumpty and all the president's men not being able to put it together again.
Here in the void we can begin the dream of the rebuilding - something new - something better. Suzanne - Mapping Uncertainty

grapeling said...

I admire the relation between egg and (medieval) door. There's a world to explore, right there - the entry, the coming-to-be, the detritus that saved us until it could no longer keep us. ~