08 June 2022

Riding the Stationary Bike


I ride the reclining stationary bike at our local Y

peddling uphill for a greater sense of movement.

I like the feel of spiral rising, as the experience

of multiple departures and returns is my truth.

I walk out in order to regulate breathing and return,

anger gone or set aside to consider later.  I weekend

in order to week, vacate in order to inhabit, leave reason

in order to passion freely, then communicate reasonably.

The rhythm of departure and return includes change,

that small spiral rising, lengthening, and growing that

is the healthy opposite of repression.  Consider how

spring restores summer after winter’s leavening.


What is lost and grieved, what seems gone but is altered, 

what is gained however unexpected. How I am moved.

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1 comment:

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"I like the feel of spiral rising." I read this poem, admiring how you work at wellness, and write so well about it. Love those closing lines.