07 June 2022

Ministry in Song




Let me go bodies sing in chorus.

Let me go and I will return 3x3.

Let me go bodies sing, timing

each note differently for multiplicity. 


Let me go sing my body, earth’s body,

the body of worship, the body of Christ,

the body of governments, the bodies of citizens,

the bodies of congregations, and the bodies of the dead.


Let go. The din of song means try something else:

try non-invasive therapies, try leaving room to expand.

Why do you intend to retreat?  When my body solos,

earth joins and we duet.  Behind any two, many croon.


Let me go to join the chorus of hope

Let me go to refresh and heal and return.

All bodies interpret spirit in familiarities;

I hear spirit in words and familiar beings.


Alone, the voice lifts, You let go!  The notes crack

and a new being seeks embrace from the first arrivals.

Whether we see, hear, or know it, earth sings 

Let me go!

with other bodies, and soon, soon, sings Welcome.

My blog poems are rough drafts.
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© 2022 Susan L. Chast


Rajani said...

"When my body solos,
earth joins and we duet."
"All bodies interpret spirit in familiarities;"

This is so powerful...I could hear that chorus of hope...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I like the lines Rajani quotes, too. And the earth singing welcome, whether we hear it or not.