26 August 2023

Becoming Part of Nature



For Amy    

If you ask a natural thing to talk,
you’ll find being, pure being, surprised
and pleased that you asked permission.
And if you then turn and invite humans
to talk just as you did the natural things,
they’ll feel a strange kind of non-aggression.
You did this for me yesterday, and I
experienced a slower, kinder rhythm,
one that allows choice and agency.
That is, when you talked to me as if I
were a tree or another natural thing,
I became more natural than alone.
When you dared to lead by invitation,
I forgot ego to enjoy choice, and
I noticed other beings choosing too.
Did I first seem impatient, unaware
of the gift you modelled?  Forgive me.  I 
am grateful for a way back to nature.


My blog poems are rough drafts.
Please respect my copyright.
© 2023 Susan L. Chast



  1. ove this poem! The poem itself, of coyrse, but more the way of being it expresses. I love the idea of approaching non-human beings as entities. The trick is to approach humans that way, given how unpredictable we all are. A wonderful philosophy in this poem, Susan. Awesome work.

  2. I love the idea of talking to humans as one does to 'natural things.' Sounds very calming to me!


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