28 May 2024

Sounds Break the Silence: a domestic scene



In the quiet evening, my cat purrs
And I work a poem word by word.

Suddenly the birds chirp up a frenzy.
A squirrel has climbed into the maple tree:
chattering against the chirping
rustling against the nesting.
My cat wakes to watch the show
nose against the closed window.
But sound, not sight rules the day
until the squirrel runs away.
The angry birds calm to silence
after successful defiance.
Not one comes out to scold the squirrel
Who disappears in a swirl.
Yet here at the window sill
the cat and I are watching still.


 For Mary's prompt "Sounds" at What's Going On?

My blog poems are rough drafts.
Please respect my copyright.
© 2024 Susan L. Chast


  1. Best sounds ever- I can hear squirrels and birds (noisy mynahs and pied wagtails) from my desk and there's nothing more healing...

  2. Aww...these are such sweet sounds. Rhyme adds a kind of happiness to the poem. This is so uplifting Susan.

  3. Yes the rhyme is this really works and really adds to the sounds- Love how this creates the picture - Excellent .

  4. You have captured this scene wonderfully in sound (as well as sight). I hear the squirrels and the birds. I love the rhyme....which, in itself, has a wonderful 'sound.' My favorite lines are:
    "But sound, not sight rules the day
    until the squirrel runs away."

  5. I love how you focus on the sounds of nature - from both sides of the window - Jae

  6. I love this, and your closing lines end the poem to perfection. "the cat and I are watching still." A lovely poem, and a sweet companionship. Here we have starlings nesting under the eaves. The other night, three babies were sitting on the lawn having plunged from their nest. By morning they were gone, hopefully having learned to fly back up!!!!!!

  7. My favourite sound, Susan, my cats purring. I also love birdsong in our garden.

  8. I love this, Susan, and can totally relate it as it is a scene from my own daily life except with a dog rather than a kitty. I have two feeders outside and a whole noisy mob scene arrives to plunder the riches there every morning.

  9. My dogs are always on the look out for squirrels. I miss the quiet purrs of my old rescue cat.

  10. This is absolutely wonderful Susan! My dog likes to watch the neighbors and watch for people walking by, but those squirrels sure can catch his eye for sure!

  11. *sigh* I love that twin joining of souls, the cat and the word-smith interrupted mid-purr, rapt in concentration at the drama outside the window! You capture this moment in time to such delight and satisfaction, Susan.

  12. Hi there.. well I could say you had me at the picture of a fellow who looks very much like my black cat Oliver but it truly was the delightful camaraderie you expressed and the vivid sounds as I felt I watched along with you!


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