27 June 2012

Cats Eye


Cats Eye

Ancient comfort kitty rubbed her jaw
on my pale elbow at the window sill
while I watched robins walking circles
in the grass below
“one, two, three–"
A silver tabby paw batted the glass;
and they scattered like--
“You win” I laughed,
elbow hand rubbing
her neck and jaw,
eyes readjusting
until I saw
house flies coming in for a landing
on the screen outside.
I closed then opened my eyes
tears came quickly
and extra loving
for seeing-eye kitty

Posted for "Personal Challenge: Visual Pathways with Mary Ann Potter" at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads (6/27/12).   Did you know that California's Mott's Dots are also known as catseyes?  Neither did I!  but Wikipedia told me all about it.  So glow like a gem, see like a cat, be precious in my eyes.

RePosted for Poets United "Poetry Pantry #126" (12/2/12).

 Copyright © 2012 S.L.Chast


Mary Ann Potter said...

Oh, this is really special! The photo adds to the presentation, but your poem really needs nothing else but those lovely words and images. Gems and glowing light...perfection!

Susan said...

Wow! Thank You, Mary Ann!

Mary said...

What a poignant poem, Susan. I don't know how I missed this over at Real Toads. So glad you reposted it.

Kimolisa said...

Beautiful piece, so much emotion and imagery in so few lines. Well written

Daydreamertoo said...

Beautiful... cats somehow always have a way of winning their way too, don't they :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lovely moment of awareness with your kitty. I like your comments after, too.

ScottlB said...

very nice poem Susan,

Sabio Lantz said...

May I ask some questions:

Ah, so your cat was batting at flies, not birds?
Why did that bring tears?
Why "ancient comfort kitty" -- is that her name?

Susan said...

Good questions. Yes, flies. Losing eyesight, peripheral vision, and some perspective is something that we take in stride as we age, but actually mistaking flies for robins is another step harder to accept. It means we may be manufacturing our own un-reality. "Ancient" as in very old--17--and "comfort" as in she has been a constant companion and confidant (but if you are into symbols you may think of her as a representative of the Gods as in Egypt). "Seeing-Eye Kitty" as in an aged one anticipating blindness. Thank you for visiting.

Unknown said...

Surprisingly, this is my favorite part of your post:
So glow like a gem, see like a cat, be precious in my eyes...