26 October 2021

At the Edge of Creativity


Having fallen off the edge of creativity,
I find it’s closer to ground than I thought—
not a place I climbed to above the crowd,
but a place I reached down to beneath it—
a place where life’s crumbs form trails to follow
and also cobwebs easily destroyed

as I had planned to be. I meant to leap,
but earth was close, and angel or devil
insists I try again. Creativity
is close enough to touch, and my weak arm
reaches for it with a will of its own.
I close my eyes against what happens next.

Something beyond me wants more time;
Why is an answer I have yet to find.

  My blog poems are rough drafts.

   Please respect my copyright. 
 If you quote, credit this page.

     © 2021 Susan L. Chast


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so relate.......as we tire, our hands still reach out to the keys....still poems to write and stories to tell........and yes, something wants more time. I feel that line so deeply. Lovely to read you, my friend.

Helen said...

This is lovely and proof positive of your creativity.